11 Dec 2011

Strategies for Success Workshop

Submitted by raquel


Over the years I have had the privilege of working with several very smart women who despite all of their strengths, sometimes struggled with getting ahead in the workplace. Our work together revealed that achieving their goals  just took learning tools to make small changes in the way they viewed themselves and how they communicated with others. These changes often lead to raises and/or promotions for them.  As an added bonus, they were able to use these strategies to improve other areas of their lives.  Personally, I have used these skills to transition from an entry level job to a supervisory position and then to running my own successful private practice.   In an effort to reach more women, I have developed a 5 part workshop focusing on these strategies for success.


Co-workers celebrating victory, woman with trophy.Topics include:

Assessing strengths and areas for growth

Setting clearly defined short term and long term career goals

Developing an assertive communication style

Maintaining clear boundaries

Building and demonstrating leadership abilities

Improving self care and stress management skills

Creating a supportive network


It is my hope that creating a supportive network for you will begin in these workshops. In order to foster this, workshops will be limited to only 8 participants. In addition to the 5 workshops, I will provide two 15 minute individual coaching sessions. The first coaching session will take place prior to the 1st workshop so that we can create a plan on how to help you get the most from the group. You get to choose when the 2nd coaching session takes place (either during the workshop series or after it is done).

Dates: Wednesdays May 23rd, 30th, June 6th, 13th, 20th

Time: 6pm-7:15pm

Location: 595 Dorset St. Suite 2, South Burlington, VT 05403. 

Cost: $250 for all 5 workshops, materials and two 15 minute coaching sessions. To register call me at 802-651-8999 ext. 5. (If you get my voice mail please leave the best times to return your call). Please register early as space is limited!